Drying systems and energy saving for the paper industry.

Powermade, is dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of drying systems for the paper industry.

We take care of completely new systems and modernization of existing plants, both for paper and tissue.

Semicappa Yankee per tissue
Semicappa Yankee per tissue

Our goal is to develop equipments capable to:

How to achieve the energy cost saving

Dispendio di energia

High energy cost

The paper production process requires a high amount of energy to keep the optimum production level.

Asciugamento carta

Paper drying process

The drying process is fundamental and is the major responsable of energy consumption that can be reduced

Estrazione dei vapori ad alta temperatura

High temperature exhaust air

It is possible to reduce the energy loss by reusing the hot exhaust air to generate new energy

Riutilizzo condense

Reuse of the fumes to produce steam

The recovered energy can be used to produce steam. That means energy at no cost

Risparmio energetico

Energy saving and reduction of emissions

In addition to energy saving, the energy waste reduction helps to reduce the emissions in the atmosphere

The OVERMADE group

We are part of the Overmade group and we started our business in 2021. Our founders have a long experience behind them in the paper industry and in energy saving systems applied to paper drying. We are based in Lucca, heart of paper production in Italy, and we operate worldwide on all six continents. 

We are characterized by flexibility and the ability to follow the specific market requests, as well as our experience.

We guarantee a significant reduction in production costs while improving the quality and final production capacity of the paper machines.

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