tissue products

Tailor-made systems to improve the production and optimize energy consumption for tissue

We create tailor-made systems for tissue production and its characteristics

 We create tailor-made systems for tissue production and its specificities. Thanks to our team of engineers, we design systems that guarantee the highest levels of drying and production capacity. At the same time, our systems are designed to optimize the use of energy, reduce heat loss and waste during drying phase.

Our aim is to design plants that can save as much energy as possible that would be lose. We design systems capable of reusing high-temperature humid extraction air to generate  steam for the process  that means  energy at no cost. We provide complete supply, including Air System and Steam & Condensate components.

We design systems aimed at removing dust and mists originating in the production phase, which would be harmful to the environment and to the health of workers. 

Similarly, we develop hall conditioning systems to improve liveability on the machine floor.

In each element, we consider the specific needs of each customer from the point of view of manufacturing arrangement, production process and costs.