Energy & drying solutions

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Tissue products

Tailor-made systems to improve the production and optimize the energy consumption for tissue

We develop tailor-made systems for tissue production and its specificities. Thanks to our team of engineers, we design systems that guarantee the highest levels of drying and production capacity. At the same time, our plants are designed to produce steam, generating energy at no cost.

Paper products

Tailor-made systems to optimize the drying and energy consumption in paper and board

We develop tailor-made systems for paper production and its components. Each system is designed with the objective of optimizing energy consumption, reduce heat loss and waste during drying phase. We provide complete supply, including Air System and Steam & Condensate components.

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Ingegneri Powermade al lavoro


Drying systems and energy saving for the paper industry

Powermade,is dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of drying systems for paper industry. 

We take care of completely new systems and modernization of existing plants, both for paper and for tissue.


service before and after the project: inspection, development and performance monitoring

In our prospective and in paper mills target, it is necessary achieve the estimated results. By the way we design  tailor-made systems, we provide a supervision service for installation, development, optimization of results and continuous verification.

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