New Powermade project

Nuovo impianto tissue Powermade

Powermade has completed the engineering design and manufacturing of drying systems for a complete new high quality tissue plant.

The line will produce 30.000 TPD tissue, using virgin fiber. It will be equipped with a softwood and hardwood line.

It is equipped with a 4,572 mm Yankee diameter and it is conceived to work at a speed of 2,000 mpm.

For this project Powermade has supplied the following equipments:

  • Gas Fired high temperature Yankee Hoods with air system.
  • Steam plant and consensate removal system
  • Dust removal system for machine and rewinder
  • Mist removal system for C-former area.
  • Cleaning Showers System for felt and wire with oscillator
  • Coating system

We are enthusiastic about this new order coming from an experienced Tissue producer, who actually intends to prepare the battleground to gain further market shares, while we are committed to supply our battle horse.

The Yankee hoods have been completed and delivered maintaining the given schedule with wide customer satisfaction.