Powermade is part of Overmade group

Sede del gruppo Overmade

In the international market, Overmade is well-known for engineering, designing and manufacturing complete paper and tissue machines and the high-quality service. 

Not only the solid company foundation, but also important investments in technologies and the research of ECO and LOGIC solutions made the commercial growth continuous. Such positive trend allowed the firm to expand the trade in the European markets as well as in the extra-European ones, where, in fact, it developed a strong presence also in the American continent, and in the Far and Middle East.

Overmade is well-known in the world for the following supply:

  • Design and manufacturing of complete paper and tissue machines 
  • Design and build paper and tissue winders 
  • Rebuild paper and tissue machine sections 
  • Providing paper and tissue machine components 
  • Supply of paper and tissue machine original and re-engineered spare parts
  • A wide range of services