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dust removal system for tissue machine

The Dust control system is designed to remove airborne dust generated by paper machine between the Yankee dryer and the Pope reel. This system has the main goals to prevent the fire risk which could result from dust accumulation around the hood area, and protect the workers’ health.

The dust generated by the paper machine is sucked by different types of suction boxes installed between the doctor blade and the reel. The geometry and position of these devices are developed to guarantee the best efficiency and not interfere the machine operation.

The dust captured by each box is conveyed through a ducting system to the main collector. The suction flow of each box can be balanced by manual dampers.

In case of sheet break, to avoid the suction of the paper sheet by the boxes, a special damper diverts the suction flow to the canopy hood placed above the reel area.

The air flow is conveyed a Venturi-scrubber where the dust is separated by the air blown in atmosphere by a fan. The system can be developed to garantee an airborne residual of:

  • 5,0 gr/mc as standard supply
  • 3,0 gr/mc as high performance supply


More safety

High efficiency

Dust removal residual