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High efficiency Yankee hoods and air System

Yankee hoods are designed and built with the aim of minimizing pressure drops and with an insulation system that guarantees maximum efficiency.

The correct sizing of the blowing system in terms of speed and temperature allows the best penetration of the air on the paper sheet which guarantees optimal performance in terms of drying efficiency and uniformity.

Another key feature of the product is the minimized energy consumption and the possibility of energy saving by recovering the exhaust fumes to generate energy (steam) at no cost to be reused in the paper process.


High efficiency

High performance

Energy recovery

duosystem high performance hoods

The hot air goes to the 1st dry half hood, the exhaust air goes partially to the exhaust fan and partially to 2nd ones of wet hood.
The exhaust of the wet hood goes to the heat exchanger and then to the atmosphere.

Allows to operate with different temperature, and air speed between wet and dry section, controlling the humidity in wet section.

Yankee hood geometry
Geometria della Yankee hood
burners COMMONLY USED for direct fire systems
Heat recovery system