Sheet transfer and stabilizing boxes

sheet transfer and stabilizing boxes Types of sheet transfer and stabilizing boxes The sheet transfer and stabilization units are composed of a series of boxes which have the function of transfer and stabilize the sheet, wet and fragile, from the press section to the dryer, ensuring perfect flatness over the whole surface and avoiding shrinkage […]

Steam pipe for press application

Tissue products steam pipe for press application The steam pipe is installed in the press area to increase the fluidity of the sheet before its entry into the press section (shoe or different) so as to increase the efficiency of the presses by improving the drainage capacity. Characteristics High efficiency Increases fluidity of the sheet […]

Combined drying system (Air + IR)

Combined drying system (air + IR) The polymerization oven / hoods is a “state of the art” technology used in paper making special products. This particular type of hood is equipped with the latest generation gas burners with low emissions and high-performance fans with “dry-to-wet end” counter-flow air circulation and heat recovery on the exhaust […]

Steam and condensate removal systems

paper products steam and condensate removal system The steam and condensate recovery system is designed to reduce the specific consumption of steam, improve its control, optimize the drying capacity of the machine and allow greater flexibility of operations to increase paper quality and production efficiency. The key benefits guarantee optimal drying capacity and energy saving, […]

High dew point closed hoods & air system

High dew point closed hoods and air system The closed hood is a modern ted hood is a modern and very efficient design allowing Dew point service up to 62 °C. Based on our experience, we can easily assume a running dew point of 58 °C (137 g/kg DA of water in the exhausts). Characteristics […]

Cleaning shower & oscillator for felt and wires

Cleaning shower & oscillator for felt and wires The cleaning system is designed to ensure maximum efficiency in cleaning felts and wires and to improve the quality of the paper and the life of the products, thanks to a homogeneous distribution of the washing flows that guarantee uniform cleaning over the entire width of the sheet. […]

Hall & Building ventilation

Hall & building ventilation system The machine room and building air conditioning system is designed to optimize working conditions and liveability in the environments where the machine or the various surrounding components are installed, such as stock preparation, set-up, etc. the system must be custom designed in order to make the environment independent of the […]