Coating pipe for yankee cylinder chemical treatment

coating pipe for yankee cylinder chemical treatment The spray tube has been designed for the coating system that is quick and safe to disassemble and clean without having to stop the machine. With a quick and simple action it is possible to disassemble the nozzle holder tube from its support and replace it with a […]

Cleaning shower & oscillator for felt and wires

Cleaning shower & oscillator for felt and wires The cleaning system is designed to ensure maximum efficiency in cleaning felts and wires and to improve the quality of the paper and the life of the products, thanks to a homogeneous¬†distribution of the washing flows that guarantee uniform cleaning over the entire width of the sheet. […]

Dust removal system for winder and converting line

dust removal system for winders and converting line The dust removal system for winders and converting is designed to remove the airborne dust in the air generated by the unwinders and by the cutting and set-up system of the machine This system has the main objectives of optimizing the runnability of the product, improving the […]

Dust removal system for Yankee machine

dust removal system for tissue machine The Dust control system is designed to remove airborne dust generated by paper machine between the Yankee dryer and the Pope reel. This system has the main goals to prevent the fire risk which could result from dust accumulation around the hood area, and protect the workers’ health. The […]

Mist removal system for wet section

Mist removal system for wet section The mist created at the wet-end area could influence the paper quality and the health and safety of workers¬†and the durability of the machine¬†components installed in that area. Offers a tailor-made solution to create a safe and healtty environment and to improve the machine efficiency. Characteristics Main exhaust points […]

Hall & Building ventilation

Hall & building ventilation system The machine room and building air conditioning system is designed to optimize working conditions and liveability in the environments where the machine or the various surrounding components are installed, such as stock preparation, set-up, etc. the system must be custom designed in order to make the environment independent of the […]

Steam and condensate removal system for Yankee

STEAM plant and condensate removal system The steam & condensate system is designed to reduce the specific steam consumption, improving the controls, optimize the drying capacity of the machine and allow a more flexible operation in order to improve paper quality and efficiency of the paper machine. The key benefits are the flexibility, the optimal […]

High efficiency Yankee hoods

High efficiency Yankee hoods and air System Yankee hoods are designed and built with the aim of minimizing pressure drops and with an insulation system that guarantees maximum efficiency. The correct sizing of the blowing system in terms of speed and temperature allows the best penetration of the air on the paper sheet which guarantees […]